ForeColor Property

The ForeColor property enables you to select the color for text of a control from the Color Palette. For more information, see Defining Colors for Your Form and Controls.

If you change the ForeColor property for the form itself, you set the value for ForeColor for all of the controls on the form that use the Default setting other than the following input style controls: Button, EditBox, and MultiEditBox. Cascading style sheets do not apply to the Grid.

You can also set this property using a cascading style sheet, except for the Grid. For more information, see Using Cascading Style Sheets.

Applies to: Grids, forms, buttons, check boxes, combo boxes, edit boxes, group boxes, HTML Objects, HTML Tables, lines, list boxes, menus, multi-edit boxes, radio buttons, text.

Setting dynamically:

form.[control.]SETFORECOLOR(amount_of_red, amount_of_green,  

Property Settings:


Sets the foreground color to be black, or if it has been set, the value of the form for ForeColor, if you do not have a cascading style sheet applied to your form. Otherwise, it uses the setting in the cascading style sheet.

amount_of_red, amount_of_green, amount_of_blue

Sets the control to be the color defined by the amount of red, green, and blue.