Calendar Property

The Calendar property provides a calendar icon at run time for any date-formatted edit box on a form. By clicking the icon, a pop-up interactive calendar is then made available to users so that they can select date values, rather than having to type them in.

Applies to: Forms, edit boxes.

Setting dynamically: No.

Property Settings:

0 - No

Disables the Calendar property. This is the default value for Forms.

1 - Yes

Enables the Calendar property. This will automatically provide a Calendar icon on the form for any edit box using a date format.

2 - TimeOnTop

Sets the display of the date-time values at the top of the pop-up calendar. By default, the date-time values are displayed at the bottom of the pop-up calendar. This is a Form property only.

The default setting for an edit box is Yes. The edit box setting works in conjunction with the Form Calendar property setting as follows:

The javascripts and default stylesheet used by the Calendar icon are included in the \ibi_html\javaassist\ibi\html\maint directory of both Developer Studio and the WebFOCUS Client and are available to the application at run time.