BackColorOver Property

The BackColorOver property determines the color of the background when the cursor is on top of a menu. For more information, see Defining Colors for Your Form and Controls.

Note: Avoid using a dithered background color, since text is often not as readable when displayed on top of it.

You can also set this property using a cascading style sheet. For more information, see Using Cascading Style Sheets.

Applies to: Menus.

Setting dynamically:]SETBACKCOLOROVER(amount_of_red, amount_of_green,  

Property Settings:


Sets gray as the background color, if you do not have a cascading style sheet applied to your form. Otherwise, it uses the setting in the cascading style sheet.

amount_of_red, amount_of_green, amount_of_blue

Sets the background to be the color defined by the amount of red, green, and blue.