This property selects an entry in the table of preset viewing angles for 3D graphs.


value = getViewing3DAnglePreset();



Can be one of the following:

-1 for Custom (as set by CubeViewerX/Y/Z, CubeWallThickX/Y/Z, and so on). 1 is the default value.

0 for Standard

1 for Tall and Skinny

2 for From the Top

3 for Distorted

4 for Short and Fat

5 for Groups Eye

6 for Group Emphasis

7 for Few Series

8 for Few Groups

9 for Distorted Standard

10 for Shorter and Fatter

11 for Thick Wall for Series

12 for Thick Wall Standard

13 for California Special

14 for Blast-O-Vision

15 for Special

Note: This property only affects 3D graphs. This property must be set to -1 (custom) in order for most Cube properties to be applied to the graph.

See CubeFocusFactor, CubeIsometricProjection, CubeLightSourceX, CubeLightSourceY, CubeLightSourceZ, CubePanX, CubePanY, CubeSizeX, CubeSizeY, CubeSizeZ, CubeSquareRisers, CubeTranslationX, CubeTranslationY, CubeTranslationZ, CubeViewerX, CubeViewerY, CubeViewerZ, CubeWallThickX, CubeWallThickY, CubeWallThickZ, CubeZoomFactor.

See 3D Preset Viewing Angles for an illustration of each preset viewing angle.