This property enables or disables resize bar mode. When it is enabled, the user interface will allow resizing of bars. This property is only applicable to 2D and 2.5D bar graphs, it is not supported for 3D risers.


boolean = getResizeBarMode();



Can be one of the following:

true allows user to resize bars. The user can change the size of bars by using the control key and the mouse to stretch or reduce their size. This action will also change the internal data value assigned to the bar. The getDataValue() method can be used to get the new data value.

If data callbacks are used to provide data input to the graph, any resize operation is reset to the value provided by the data call back. This value is the default.

false does not allow resizing of bars.

Note: The DepthRadius property must be set to zero in order for this property to enable the user interface to resize bars.

See ReshapeEnable, SelectionEnable, SelectionEnableMove, DepthRadius.