This property defines the document width in TWIPs (1/20th point or 1/100th millimeter). The document size set by this property and DocumentHeightInTwips is used is used as a reference to calculate the size of text using absolute font sizes. If no document size is specified, the size of the graph in pixels and the screen resolution are used for conversion (from pixels to points). If no document size is specified (no screen resolution available), the conversion from pixels to points is simply 1 to 1.


setDocumentWidthInTwips( value );
value = getDocumentWidthInTwips();



Is an integer between 0 and 10000. 0 is the default value.

Note: If a non-zero value is used, Perspective will also put the size in pixels in the SVG viewport.

See DocumentHeightInTwips, getDocumentHeightInPoints(), getDocumentWidthInPoints(), setFontSizeAbsolute(), setFontSizeInPoints().