The file extension for a procedure.

Access File

Contains information needed by WebFOCUS to access the data in a data source. The Access File includes the real name and location of the data source.

active report

An active report is a self-contained report that is designated for offline analysis. It contains all of the data and JavaScript code within the output file.

Allocation Wizard

A Developer Studio wizard that helps assign temporary names and storage locations to files created and used by WebFOCUS.

data file

See Master File.

Data Server

A type of environment that displays each Reporting Server that the WebFOCUS Client can access. The Data Servers feature enables development against Reporting Servers that are configured on any supported platform.

Define tool

A Developer Studio tool that creates virtual fields that are evaluated before the report is executed.

Define Function Wizard

A Developer Studio wizard that assists in creating user functions. Once created, your functions can be used in other procedure components.

Deploy Wizard

A Developer Studio wizard that partitions and copies files to the specified Reporting Server and web server.

Developer Studio Options dialog box

A dialog box where you can set preferences for Developer Studio and the Developer Studio tools.

Developer Studio Explorer

A window where you can navigate through your currently configured environments and provides access to development tools to quickly build and deploy web-based reporting applications.

Document Composer

A Developer Studio tool where you can coordinate and distribute layouts made up of multiple reports and graphs in a single document. For more information, see the Creating Compound Reports With Document Composer manual.


A set of data pertaining to a specific topic. For example, the SEATS field, within the CAR Master File, contains data for the number of seats in each car.

Financial Report Painter

A Developer Studio tool where you can perform financial analysis. The Financial Report Painter provides a graphical interface for the Financial Modeling Language. The Financial Report Painter enables you to perform sophisticated row-based calculations on data. For more information, see the Creating Financial Reports manual.

Graph tool

A Developer Studio tool where you can create and style complex graphs.

Guided Report

A highly parameterized report that allows you to select fields and options that participate in a report at run time. Fields and options that have been added to the Guided Report are displayed in controls and are available for selection. Selecting fields from controls and running the report will display the data that correlates to the field values.

HTML Composer

A Developer Studio tool you can use to create HTML pages. For more information, see the Designing a User Interface for a Web Application With HTML Composer manual.

Join tool

A Developer Studio tool that defines a relationship between two or more data sources so that a report can use data from all of them at once.

local development

Using a Reporting Server installed on your machine to deploy self-service applications from the Projects area.

Match Wizard

A Developer Studio wizard that creates logical expressions.

Main toolbar

Contains buttons that provide quick access to commonly performed functions. These buttons always appear on the toolbar, but their behavior is determined by the active window and the selected object. Depending upon your location in the Explorer, certain toolbar buttons may be inactive.

Master File

A type of file that describes the data source from which you are reporting. The Master File is a map of the data source and all of the fields. By looking at the Master File, you can determine what fields are in the data source, what they are named, and how they are formatted. You can also determine how the fields in the data source relate to each other.

Menu bar

Displays pull-down menus. Menus and options are context-sensitive and are determined by the active window or selected object. Depending upon your location in the Explorer, certain menu options may be inactive.


A series of components that can be executed one after another. For example, a procedure can consist of a Join, Set, and report.

Procedure Viewer

A graphical presentation of components that make up a procedure.

Projects on localhost

A local environment where you can organize, develop, maintain, and deploy WebFOCUS applications. Each project appears as a suitcase folder with subdirectories (virtual folders) used to organize project resources. For example, HTML files are visible in the HTML Files folder. Master Files, Access Files, and FOCUS Files are visible in the Master Files folder. The Maintain Files folder contains Maintain procedures. A sample project named SESSION is created when Developer Studio is installed.

remote development

Connecting to one or more remote servers and modifying existing self-service applications on those servers.


A type of environment where you can use Developer Studio to administer and develop against a Managed Reporting environment.

Report Painter

A Developer Studio tool that creates and styles complex reports. You can design the report in the Report Painter window, a graphical representation of the report page.

Set tool

A Developer Studio tool used to reset parameters in order to change aspects of WebFOCUS default behavior that affect both the local development and deployment environments.

source control

Manages access to source code and keeps track of all code changes.

SQL Report

A type of report where you can execute SQL code that retrieves data from a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) and then use the resulting extract file in Report Painter.


A set of attributes that describe a data source. It provides the metadata for a data source, which enables an adapter to access and interpret the corresponding data.

Synonym Editor

A Developer Studio tool that provides you with a graphical interface to work with synonyms and perform tasks, such as creating, viewing, and modifying synonyms.

Use tool

A Developer Studio tool that identifies a FOCUS data source.

Web Applications

A type of environment that displays the contents of the APPROOT directory of the WebFOCUS Client. The WebFOCUS Application root directory is used to store files processed by the WebFOCUS Client for self-service applications, such as HTML launch pages, cascading style sheets (.css files), and images.