General Tab

The General tab contains the following options:

Startup Options



Maximize main window

Select this option to maximize the Explorer window when you begin each session.

Show the startup window

Currently not supported.

Open the Console window

Launches the Console window each time you begin a session.

Open last project on startup

Opens the last edited application automatically when you begin your next session.

Open last accessed file on startup

Opens the last file opened in the appropriate tool.

Minimize the Main Window



When running a Procedure

Minimizes the main window when any procedure (FOCEXEC) is executed.

Other Settings



Save window positions on exit

Saves the positions of all windows so that they appear in the same place the next time they open.

Confirm close

Displays a prompt for users to confirm that they want to exit Developer Studio.

Use large buttons

Displays large toolbar buttons.

Start local WebFOCUS Server

Starts the local Reporting Server when Developer Studio is launched.

Stop local WebFOCUS Server on exit

Stops and closes the local Reporting Server when you exit Developer Studio.

Start local Web server

Starts the IIS web server by default if you are performing a full installation for stand-alone development.

If you do not have IIS or you do not want the IIS web server to start automatically when you launch Developer Studio, you can uncheck the Start local Web server option. Even if this option is not unchecked and you use another web server (such as Apache, WebSphere, and others) instead of IIS, you will be able to use the servers based on your configuration.

This option will be enhanced to allow developers to select which web server or application server to start when launching their desktop application.

Default file editor

Lists file editor options, such as:

  • Edit in Developer Studio tool
  • Edit in Text Editor
  • Edit in Windows registered tool

Note: The option above is only visible if the file type you are accessing has been associated with a Windows application.

The file editor used determines which context menu options will be available and controls the default behavior for double-clicking and right-clicking files.