Developer Studio Directory Structure

The Developer Studio directory structure is created under drive:\optional_drive_folder\ibi.


Contains directories and data. By default, this is the Application Root directory (APPROOT directory) in which WebFOCUS looks for application files. Sample files are provided in the \ibinccen and \ibisamp directories.

The Application Root directory is created during the installation of Developer Studio and the Reporting Server. It is defined by the APPROOT variable defined in the server configuration file edaserve.cfg and the IBI_Approot_Directory variable defined during the WebFOCUS installation and points to the Application Root directory for applications that reside on the web server where WebFOCUS is installed. For Project-based development, the above Application Root directories must point to the same physical location. For more information about the Application Root directory, see WebFOCUS Environments in Developer Studio .


Contains the graphical front-end components for creating Developer Studio projects.


Contains the local Reporting Server files.