Viewing Reports in the Developer Studio Viewer

You can view HTML, PDF, and Excel reports in the Developer Studio Viewer.

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Example: HTML Report in the Developer Studio Viewer

The following is a sample HTML report.

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Example: PDF Report With Acrobat Reader Controls

PDF format opens in Acrobat Reader, which is invoked by the Developer Studio Viewer. Unlike HTML, which does not observe certain styling options, PDF format shows all styles as you define them in Report Painter or in a report request.

The full range of Acrobat Reader navigation options are available through the Developer Studio Viewer. The following image shows a report in PDF format.

PDF Report

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Example: Excel 2000 Report in the Developer Studio Viewer

The following image shows an example of a report in Excel 2000 format. When the report is run, Excel 2000 launches within your viewer, offering complete Excel 2000 functionality.

Excel 2000