Deployment Basics

Once you create project files as described in Creating a Reporting Application, you can partition and deploy them to a WebFOCUS environment.

A WebFOCUS environment consists of:

Note: The web environment may be a web server or application server or a combination of both, depending on your environment. This topic refers to deployment while using a web server to hold the static content. For example, .html and .gif files are required configuration for such an environment.

If you need to place static content on the application server, you must define an Application Root directory (APPROOT) context root for deploying files and perform required configuration steps. The APPROOT context root is used during the deploy process and when you run the deployed web-based application.

Partitioning the files means that you identify the target web server on which the web-based files will reside, and the WebFOCUS Reporting Server on which files, such as procedures will reside. You define the partitioning of files in a deployment scenario.

Deployment means that Developer Studio moves the files to the target servers, where they make up an application that users run on the web.

The Developer Studio deployment feature allows you to: