Create the Base Report in Report Painter

Resume the tutorial by creating the base report.

You will be choosing fields from the first ACCOUNTS folder in the Object Inspector. This is where the financial data resides. (The fields in CENTGL structure the hierarchy in the Financial Report Painter.)

  1. Drag GL_ACCOUNT from the first ACCOUNTS folder into the Report Painter window. (Since the name Ledger Account is defined in the Master File, it appears as the column title.)
  2. To assign a report title, type the following in the Page Heading input area, followed by a blank line to leave space between the heading and the report.
    Century Corporation Income Statement
    For Period Ended: June 30, 2002
  3. Highlight the heading text, right-click and choose Justify, and then Center.
  4. Select Ledger Account and click the For button.

    That is all you are going to do in Report Painter. You can do everything else from the Financial Report Painter.

  5. Save your work and click the Matrix tab to open the Financial Report Painter.

Your report opens in the Financial Report Painter.