Financial Report Painter Overview

The WebFOCUS Financial Report Painter, and its underlying Financial Modeling Language (FML), are designed for the special needs associated with creating, calculating, and presenting financially oriented data, such as balance sheets, consolidations, profit and loss statements, budgets, and certain government mandated financial reports. These reports are distinguished from other WebFOCUS reports because calculations are inter-row, as well as inter-column. Each row or line represents a unique entry or series of entries that can be aggregated directly from the input data or calculated as some function of the data.

Using an intuitive matrix design, the Financial Report Painter enables you to model and generate real-time financial reports that handle large volumes of data, volatile data relationships, and custom charts of accounts.

The Financial Report Painter generates FML code, beginning with the FOR command that initiates the row-based orientation of financial modeling, and the OVER commands that stack the rows in the report.

For details about FML syntax, see Creating Financial Reports With Financial Modeling Language (FML).