Before configuring WebFOCUS components, the prerequisites in the following table must be verified.

Software Component


Load Balancer

Session Affinity must be enabled.

JDBC Drivers

Add to application server CLASSPATH.

Add to WebFOCUS utilities batch program.

Java Virtual Machine

JAVA_HOME system variable should be set and exported at the web and Reporting and Metadata Layers.

Set JAVA_HOME or JDK_HOME for JRE or JDK installation, respectively.

JVM installation directory must be available to the application server prior to startup.

JDBC drivers

Verify the type of driver:

  • Type 2: Need both JDBC thin client and native client database libraries.
  • Type 4: Need JDBC thin client only.

Web server

Verify host name and TCP/IP ports for HTTP/HTTPS.

Verify connectivity to the web server.

Java Application Server

Verify connectivity to the Java Application Server.

Web server plug-ins

Verify that it is installed and enabled.

Verify connectivity to the Java Application Server from the web server. Run sample servlet and JSP scripts.

Native database client libraries

Verify that they are installed.

Verify that required system variables are set and exported.

Information Builders