Copying Change Management Packages Between Environments

After the CM export package has been created in the lower WebFOCUS 8 environment, the next step is to copy the CM export package to the higher WebFOCUS 8 environment for import.

There are several options available to copy the package:

Considerations for Clustered Architecture Models

In a clustered, distributed WebFOCUS 8 architecture and within a given WebFOCUS 8 environment, it is best to share the CM import and export directories so packages are immediately visible to all cluster members. It also depends on whether the utilities or command CM scripts are used to import.

For instance, if you are copying the CM package to a particular cluster node (machine) and running the CM batch utilities from that machine, it is not necessary to share. If you are importing the CM package from the CM export utilities or with a RESTful web services call, you cannot predict which cluster node will run the import, so all cluster nodes in the WebFOCUS 8 environment must have the same import directory (or, at least, the same set of files).

Information Builders