Staffing and Leadership

The roadmap plan must ensure that project leadership is established at the onset of a WebFOCUS deployment. Typically, it begins with the project sponsor who champions and funds the project, and whose role it is to resolve any conflicts that may impact its success. Project leadership, individually or as a group, is tasked with making strategic decisions, such as scheduling and delegating responsibilities. Approvals and signoff on implementation may also be part of the leadership.

Key staffing and leadership components include:



Project Sponsor

Sponsors and funds the project.

Resolves conflicts to ensure the success of the project.

Determines deliverables and rollout production schedules.

Project Leader

Manages the project.

Delegates responsibilities and tasks.

System Administrators

Manage the hardware and third-party software resources.

Manage the operating systems and storage.

Monitor resource utilization.

Network Administrators

Manage the network between servers and services.

Application Administrators

Manage web server and application server farms.

Install third-party software, such as WebFOCUS.

Database Administrators

Manage the database servers including the tuning, monitoring of queries, connections, and resource utilization.

Data or Subject Matter Experts

Work closely with the developers constructing the reports because they understand the data model. They can provide valuable guidance on developing reports for maximum optimization, performance, and efficiency.

WebFOCUS Administrators

Manage the WebFOCUS BI platform.

Information Builders