Creating a Synonym for a Salesforce Event

To create a synonym for a Salesforce event, you must first add an adapter for both Salesforce services and for the event you want to capture.

  1. Right-click the Salesforce service and select Create Synonym.

    The Create Synonym for IWAF panel Step 1 panel opens.

  2. Expand Account, select Notify_Account, and click Create Synonym.

    The Create Synonym for IWAF Step 2 window opens.

  3. In the Select Connection (event type) drop-down menu, select the connection name you created for an event, in this example, account, as shown in the following image.

    Create Synonym

  4. Click Create Synonym.

    You should get a message that says the synonym was created successfully.

  5. Open the first synonym.


    Note: The value for TIMEOUT is set to a variable. If you click the variable, you can see that it has a default value of 60, which is how long a flow using the synonym will wait for a message from This should be increased if it is an ongoing operation.