How Resource Analyzer Works

Resource Analyzer monitors request activity, logging the attributes of each request to a log file. At predetermined intervals (Server start, after a certain number of user sessions or time period OR upon the processing of a User scheduled Job), the log file will be archived, using the servers Deferred Execution service, to the Usage Monitoring tables also referred to as the Repository. At configuration time, FOCUS database or Relational tables can be selected for the repository. Once an adequate amount of Usage Monitoring data has been collected, you can run Resource Analyzer reports, which illustrate (in both tabular and graphical format) various aspects of request activity at your site.

You access Resource Analyzer administrative and reporting features through the server Web Console.

Note: We use the term MVS to refer to z/OS - PDS deployment. We use the term z/OS to refer to z/OS - HFS deployment using UNIX System Services.