SAP Table Class Support for an Individual Table

The ability of WebFOCUS to access a given table is based on its class. Class can be found in the TABCLASS field in DD02L for this particular table. The following table classes are supported.

SAP Table Type

Server Support


Maps to an individual SQL table (called transparent table by SAP). It can usually be accessed and read by the interface (see exception 1).


Describes a structure (called structure by SAP) that can be used by function modules, logical databases, and so on. There is no underlying data, and it is not supported by the interface.


These tables (called cluster table by SAP) are supported, as long as they satisfy exception 1.


These tables (called pooled table) are supported, as long as they satisfy exception 1.


Those tables are supported, as long as they satisfy exception 1, and all joined tables carry a supported table class.


These tables are not supported.

In addition, for all supported TABLE classes, they must be composed of a set of fields that have a supported data type. Unsupported data types are listed in exception 2.


  1. If a field in a table is of type RAW, with a significant length (for example, field CLUSTD in table INDX), this may indicate that the field may be used for import/export using a program. Since there is no information on the underlying structure, this field can only be printed as an alphanumeric string. Its corresponding contents may not be meaningful on display.
  2. Unsupported data types: VARC, PREC, LCHR, LRAW, RAWSTRING.