About the ReportCaster API

The ReportCaster API provides access to ReportCaster functionality independent of WebFOCUS and ReportCaster user interfaces. Using the ReportCaster API, developers of self-service applications can enable users to distribute reports using web applications.

Using JPA, the ReportCaster API accesses the WebFOCUS repository to read and write scheduling and distribution information. The API bundles the distribution information and sends it to the WebFOCUS Reporting Server to run. Developers must provide a valid ReportCaster sign-in ID to their ReportCaster API applications for ownership of schedules and Distribution Lists.

In addition to the functionality available through the ReportCaster API, ReportCaster retains the functionally stabilized ReportCaster Servlet API for Address Book functionality and ReportCaster API subroutines, which are C-based components of the WebFOCUS Reporting Server. ReportCaster also retains the functionally stabilized Bean API for use only with legacy applications.

The Legacy Java API is functionally stabilized and is intended for migrated applications. RESTful Web Services is recommended for new development. Use of ReportCaster API subroutines is recommended for z/OS machines only. We do not recommend that you use the Servlet API in Version 5 Release 3 and higher.