Subroutine Security

All ReportCaster API subroutines require an Execution ID and password as the first and third arguments. The subroutines use this user ID and password internally to perform a ReportCaster logon.

ReportCaster uses the Execution ID to determine ownership of schedules, Distribution Lists, and log files. Your Execution ID is stored in the WebFOCUS repository in the case you specify at logon. You must specify your Execution ID and password in the same case each time you access ReportCaster to obtain access to all your ReportCaster schedules, Distribution Lists, and log files.

Note: Internally, the DSTBULK subroutine calls the DSTDLBULK servlet. The DSTRUN subroutine calls the DSTRUNNOW servlet, while the DSTMEM subroutine calls the DSTDLMEM servlet.

Other security considerations are: