API Subroutines

ReportCaster API subroutines are a set of C-based API functions that call a servlet. The subroutines are called from a procedure and enable a user to:

The following table describes the API subroutines, which are automatically installed with the WebFOCUS Reporting Server when ReportCaster is installed.

API Subroutine



Enables the user to create a new Distribution List, add new members to an existing Distribution List, replace the members in a Distribution List, and delete a Distribution List. See Maintaining Distribution Lists Using the DSTBULK Subroutine.


Maintains single members in a Distribution List. Enables the user to add a new member or delete an existing member. See Maintaining Single Distribution List Members Using the DSTMEM Subroutine.


Immediately runs and distributes a report. See Running a Scheduled Job Using the DSTRUN Subroutine.