Running the Legacy Java API on a Machine Without a WebFOCUS Installation

Note: This process requires that you have access to a WebFOCUS installation.

You can run the Legacy Java API on a machine where WebFOCUS is not installed. In order to do this, you must copy configuration files from a machine where WebFOCUS is installed, and then make changes as defined in the procedure below. You can perform this process using a Windows installation.

In WebFOCUS 8, the ReportCaster Legacy Java API calls the IBFS security system to authenticate and authorize users, and to secure resources accessed during schedule creation and execution. Therefore, any files needed by the IBFS security system must be available to an application calling the ReportCaster Legacy Java API. The sample scripts provided in the ibi\WebFOCUS81\ReportCaster\samples\tools directory are set up so that the sample API programs can be:

Note: The Legacy Java API is functionally stabilized and is intended for migrated applications. Restful Web Services is recommended for new development.

To configure a machine to run the Legacy Java API without WebFOCUS installed:

  1. Create an ibi\WebFOCUS81 folder in the new location.
  2. Copy the following folders from the WebFOCUS installation and paste them into the new location:
  3. Edit the ibi\WebFOCUS81\config\webconfig.xml in the new location and globally change the path to ibi\WebFOCUS81 to match the new location.
  4. Edit the ibi\WebFOCUS81\utilities\setenv\utilprodvars.bat in the new location and do the following:
    1. Change WFROOT to the new location.
    2. Change WEBinf to %WFROOT%\ReportCaster
  5. Edit the ibi\WebFOCUS81\utilities\setenv\utiluservars.bat in the new location and set the path to Java and to the JDBC driver.
  6. Compile and run the sample Legacy Java API programs as described in this manual.