Customizing Error Messages

You can customize ReportCaster API error messages by manually editing the messages in the following properties files. These files are located in the ibi/intl/ directory in the reportcaster.jar file, which is found in the WEB_INF/lib directory of the webfocus.war file. The reportcaster.jar file can also be found in the \ibi\WebFOCUS81\ReportCaster\lib directory.

Note: You want to modify the .jar file that is in your classpath.

File Name

Contains Error Messages For...

Entire API


Address Books

Execution IDs

Library Access Lists

Report Library

Schedule logs

User Management

Within each properties file, each error message has an associated error code. The error messages are written in English, by default, but can be customized in another language. If you want to use a non-English language, you must modify the appropriate properties file. For example, for French, you would modify

The steps for changing the properties files depends on whether you are redeploying the open directory structure, or repackaging and redeploying the web archive (.war) file. For more information about the steps involved for each scenario, see the WebFOCUS Security and Administration manual.