ReportCaster API Authentication and Ownership

User IDs that access ReportCaster must exist in the WebFOCUS repository prior to accessing the ReportCaster API components. ReportCaster Administrators may migrate user IDs from a prior release (see the WebFOCUS and ReportCaster Installation and Configuration manual for your platform), or create new user IDs.

Command line API programs authenticate using the IBI_Authentication_Type setting in the WebFOCUS Administration Console. For example, if this setting is Internal, then you must supply a valid user and password. These can be found in the WebFOCUS repository. For more information about this setting, see the WebFOCUS Security and Administration manual.

ReportCaster uses the user ID for ownership of schedules and Distribution Lists created using the ReportCaster API components.

There are two types of ReportCaster API users, Administrator and Users.

Create users and groups to provide ReportCaster capabilities for non-Managed Reporting users (when Managed Reporting is configured with ReportCaster, you must use the Managed Reporting User Administration tool to create and manage users and groups). For more information, see the ReportCaster Administration Applet manual.

Manage environment configuration settings using the ReportCaster Server Configuration tool.

If you have Administrator privileges, you can:

If you have User privileges and have been assigned scheduling capabilities, you can: