About ReportCaster

Through ReportCaster, you can schedule a report to run at specific times or intervals which can then be distributed through email or FTP servers, to printers, or to the WebFOCUS Repository that stores Report Library and Managed Reporting reports. Reports distributed to the Report Library or the WebFOCUS Repository are stored in a database and can only be accessed by authorized users. You have the option to distribute the report to a single address or to a group of recipients using the distribution list, distribution file, or dynamic list options.

You can distribute an entire report or you can break a report into sections using the ReportCaster burst feature. When you burst a report, you send only the relevant report sections specified.

Access to each of the ReportCaster tools is controlled by a WebFOCUS security operation. This enables administrators to control the users who are authorized to access ReportCaster to perform the following operations.

Report Library. The Report Library enables you to store and manage content distributed by ReportCaster for rapid retrieval and future use.

ReportCaster API. There is a full ReportCaster API that employs both Java® technology and Web Services.