About the Report Library

The Report Library provides secure access to its content, the ability to save multiple versions of the same output, and the ability to set an expiration date and control the number of versions kept in the library. When creating a schedule to distribute report output to the Report Library, the access options allow the user to specify who is authorized to access the report. The access options are the owner of the schedule, all users authorized to access the WebFOCUS Repository folder the report is stored in, or a Library Access List which specifies the groups and users who are authorized to view the report output the schedule will distribute to the Report Library.

Note: It is not recommended to change the owner of a schedule that has already distributed a Library report. You cannot change the ownership of the existing Library report.

Users authorized to view Library reports can view the most recent version or all versions of the Library report from the tree accessible from the BI Portal, Dashboard, or from Developer Studio when connected to a WebFOCUS Environment licensed for ReportCaster. Library reports can also be viewed from the ReportCaster Explorer interface by selecting the Library report Filter option, located on the toolbar, to view Library reports.

When authorized with Library Management access or the ability to manage the private content of a user, a user with these privileges can manage, list, and delete Library reports. However, they cannot view Library reports.