Specifying the Language for Scheduled Output

You can specify the language in which ReportCaster displays scheduled output by including the SET LANG parameter in the procedure you are scheduling (for example, SET LANG=ja will display the report in Japanese).

When scheduling a procedure, you can also be prompted to select a language value instead of hard coding the value in the procedure. This can be done using an amper variable within the procedure that provides a drop-down list from which you can select values.

At schedule time, there is no validation of the value the user selected and the set of languages for the ReportCaster Distribution Server code page. If you select a language that is not one of the title language options available in the Master File, then the plain 'title=' values appear instead. If TITLE does not exist, the FIELDNAME value is used.

Note: The Dynamic Language Switch setting in the WebFOCUS Administration Console, which specifies the language of the ReportCaster user interfaces, works independently from this setting. The SET LANG command affects all report output, including log reports. For more information about the SET LANG command, see Customizing Your Environment in the Developing Reporting Applications manual.