Manually Coded Excel Compound Reports

Excel Compound Reports enable you to generate multiple worksheet reports using the EXL2K output format.

The syntax of Excel Compound Reports is identical to that of PDF Compound Reports. By default, each of the component reports from the compound report is placed in a new Excel worksheet (analogous to a new page in PDF). If the NOBREAK keyword is used, the next report follows the current report on the same worksheet (analogous to starting the report on the same page in PDF).

Output, whether sent to the client using PCHOLD or saved in a file using HOLD, is generated in Microsoft Web Archive format. This format is labeled Single File Web Page in the Excel Save As dialog box. Excel provides the conventionally given file suffixes: .mht or .mhtml. WebFOCUS uses the same .xht suffix that is used for EXL2K reports. Since the output is always a single file, ReportCaster can distribute it.

The components of an Excel compound report can be FORMULA or PIVOT reports. For more information about the Excel Compound Reports feature, see the Creating Reports With WebFOCUS Language manual.

Note: When using the EXL2K format, Excel 2002 (Office XP) or higher must be installed. Excel Compound Reports will not work with earlier versions of Excel since they do not support the Web Archive file format. Bursting is not supported with Excel Compound Reports.