Advanced Settings

The Advanced settings option enables you to create a secondary run interval within the day the schedule runs. You can apply the secondary run interval every n minutes or hours for a specified number of hours and minutes or until a specified time. This option is available for schedules that run every day(s), week(s), month(s), or year(s).

Note: When a schedule is saved, the hours setting is converted to minutes. When a schedule is edited, this value appears as minutes.

The secondary run interval will not be validated when the schedule is created. Instead, validation is performed every time the next run time of the schedule is calculated when running within the secondary run interval. The secondary run interval cannot exceed the next run time for the primary run interval. For example, a daily schedule cannot have a secondary run interval greater than Every 1 day(s). If you schedule a secondary run interval to run after the next primary run interval of the schedule, the secondary run interval is stopped and an error message appears. This error message is also written to the log file.

The Advanced settings section allows you to specify repeat options, as well as time intervals. The following image shows an example of set secondary run interval options.

The Apply secondary run interval options are:

Note: When a schedule is updated, the next run time is recalculated based only on the primary run interval. This means that if a schedule that includes a secondary run interval is updated before the secondary schedule is able to run, then the secondary run interval is ignored and the NEXTRUNTIME is calculated based on the primary interval.

For example, a schedule exists that is set to run daily at 2:00 PM with a secondary run interval of every 10 minutes from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM. When the schedule runs at 2:00 PM, the NEXTRUNTIME resets to run at 2:10, which honors the secondary run interval. If this schedule is updated at 2:03 PM, the NEXTRUNTIME is recalculated to be 2:00 PM the next day, rather than 2:10 PM on the current day.