Deploying RStat Scoring Routines Prior to Version 7.6.8

Developer Studio Version 7 Release 6.8 is the first release with RStat support and the first release of RStat which generated usable 'C' code for deploying a model in FOCUS. In Version 7 Release 6.9, a better integration of MISSING DATA was implemented. This integration was done on both the server and Developer Studio sides. The Version 7.6.9 server also marked a change in the search strategy for finding FUSELIB functions on the server side, on the APPPATH. As deployed models are simply FOCUS user library (also known as FUSELIB) routines, they can be deployed to any server. Version 7.6.9 marks changes in the server for the handling of MISSING DATA, changes in the methods of compilation of 'C' code on the server regarding the destination paths of the generated DLLs, and the use of APPPATH to find FUSELIB files.

RStat scoring routines can be deployed and used on Reporting Servers prior to Version 7.6.8 with minor modifications and considerations:

Once you have deployed the scoring routine using these rules, the scoring routine will be available for use with any DEFINE or COMPUTE commands within your WebFOCUS applications and reports in the same way as standard routines.