Using the Test Page

Four buttons (ibfs, impex, templates, and utils) are available at the top of the Test page. Clicking a specific button will display a list of RESTful web services functionality that can be tested.

Within each category of RESTful web services, each of the RESTful web services functionality tests are based on the IBIRS_action parameter value. Every RESTful web service includes this parameter. The label of the button on each test within the Test page represents the parameter value for the IBIRS_action parameter. To display the form for a specific test based on IBIRS_action, click the appropriate link at the top of the Test page (for example, put). Note that the parameter name is displayed above each field or drop-down list that is required to test the particular functionality.

When a particular parameter requires a path, the URL from the Test page, excluding IBIRS_action=TEST along with the category name is assumed in making the REST request. In Example 1 from Listing Folders and Subfolders, the path can be represented in the field from the Test page test as /WFC/Repository.

In order for any of the tests to work successfully, you must be authenticated to WebFOCUS. This can be done by logging on to the WebFOCUS Business Intelligence Portal or by entering the credentials in the signOn section of the Test page and clicking the signOn button.


In the following example, a test is performed to add a Group based on the example from Adding and Updating a Group.

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