WebFOCUS Quick Data Add-In Overview

The WebFOCUS Quick Data add-in allows you to bring a large amount of enterprise information to the familiar Excel environment, and interact with this information without learning any additional software. You can install the WebFOCUS Quick Data add-in on your desktop, and you can create and edit queries by accessing predefined data sources. You can save a query in an Excel workbook, and you can refresh it at any time.

Because all WebFOCUS connection and report information can be saved in an Excel workbook, users with the proper security and access rights can share spreadsheets throughout an organization. As a result, you spend less time recreating reports and more time analyzing information for effective decision-making.

WebFOCUS Quick Data also enhances data privacy features in Excel, and better addresses compliance concerns. When you build reports directly in Excel, you can lock some or all of the cells containing report data and password protect the worksheet. By locking fields populated with WebFOCUS data, you can protect formulas while ensuring that the data is current.

When using WebFOCUS Quick Data in the familiar Excel environment, you can:

To maximize its compatibility with your current environment, WebFOCUS Quick Data: