About WebFOCUS and ReportCaster

WebFOCUS is a complete, web-ready data access and reporting system that connects users to data. WebFOCUS accesses and processes information located in any format on any platform and presents that information to users through a web browser or through formats, such as PDF, XLS, and XML. Using HTML and user friendly GUI tools, WebFOCUS developers can build powerful webpage interfaces that allow users to create and view reports.

WebFOCUS data access, network communications, and server operations are provided through WebFOCUS technology. WebFOCUS technology accesses data without concern for the complexities and incompatibilities of different operating systems, databases, file systems, file formats, and networks. You can access both local and remote data on over 35 platforms from more than 65 database formats, including SQL Server™, Oracle®, Ingres®, SAP®, and DB2™.

ReportCaster is an independent application that provides advanced scheduling and distribution capabilities for WebFOCUS reports, procedures, and alerts, as well as independent files and URLs. Using ReportCaster, reports and files are automatically distributed on a monthly, weekly, daily, or specific day basis.