Magnify requires an application server (for example, Tomcat or WebSphere) in order to read and write to index libraries. It can be installed on a Windows (64-bit preferred) or UNIX\Linux-based server, using the same language as the WebFOCUS Client.

Processing should be at least a dual-core machine, however, four CPUs are generally recommended. Moreover, a minimum of 8GB in memory is required, while 16GB is usually recommended. Depending on the size of the data, storage space should be anywhere between 250GB to 1TB or higher (it is usually estimated as three times the size of the expected data set).

Note: This all varies depending on the type of search-based application being proposed. Indexing frequency, volume of data, and concurrent usage affect how storage space and memory are allocated. Therefore, the use of a split-tier environment is recommended for a Magnify platform where the Reporting Server, Magnify, and each data source are each provided with their own dedicated resources. Magnify does scale in order to accommodate any environment.

The following are the prerequisites to configuring and using Magnify: