InfoAssist is the web-based ad hoc reporting tool in WebFOCUS.

With InfoAssist, you can quickly and easily:

InfoAssist is a Rich Internet Application (RIA) that uses AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) technology. It delivers its cutting-edge functionality using a familiar Microsoft Windows® ribbon interface. This highly intuitive environment shields users from the underlying technical complexities associated with ad hoc reporting features, while providing access to all the functionality needed to address mission-critical information requirements.

This powerful ad hoc reporting tool enables rapid and efficient design and deployment of reports and charts. It uses an interactive and fully-customizable WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) development environment. Users receive instant feedback throughout the development process to ensure that reports and charts are properly built.

Note: If you manually edit a report created with InfoAssist, do not delete or modify the internal comments located at the top of the procedure. Modifying these comments, or any content of the procedure, could produce unpredictable results when you open the report with InfoAssist. In general, we do not recommend that you manually edit a procedure.