Exercise 2: Creating the Process Flow

A Process Flow controls how one or more data flows will be processed, by positioning a set of objects in the workspace and defining their interactions. You can combine:

Scenario: You will create a process flow that uses the data flow you created in the last exercise, and then branches to one of two procedures based on the success or failure of the execution of that data flow. The appropriate results will be recorded in a log to facilitate quick trouble-shooting, if necessary, or immediate communication to sales agents and line managers that the latest data is available for reporting.

Tip: Although not demonstrated in the tutorial, you can extend the success and failure branches of the process flow to trigger the distribution of email messages, either to those in charge of correcting errors (upon failure), or to those who need the current data (upon success).

Next step: The simplest way to proceed would be to continue to work with salesdb. You could click the Process Flow tab to see the salesdb data flow object in the workspace, and then add other elements to create the process flow.

However, this is not necessarily the best way to proceed. Instead, you will use a method that is more modular and flexible. You will start a new flow, then click the Process Flow tab and drag the Data Flow object into the Process Flow workspace in the correct position in the flow. With this method, each flow is saved separately; a Data Flow object can then be used in more than one Process Flow, and a Process Flow can be modified as needed and used to incorporate different data flow objects.

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