Creating a Favorites List

In Dashboard, you can populate your Favorites list with reports, charts, hyperlinks, and any other item type (except Reporting Objects, Schedules, Distribution Lists, and Access Lists) that you want to quickly and easily access. The Favorites list contains two tabs, Favorites and Mobile Favorites, and is easily accessible from the Favorites hyperlink in the banner. For information about Mobile Favorites, see Mobile Favorites.

Note: You can also add a Favorites content block that will automatically display your list of favorites in your Dashboard view. For instructions on creating a content block, see Adding a Content Block.

The following image shows the Favorites dialog box displaying a sample list of saved reports in the Favorites tab.

Favorites dialog box

Report items stored in the Favorites tab of the Favorites list are sorted alphabetically by title. All of the options that are normally available for an item are available from the Favorites list including Run, Run Deferred, and Schedule.

You can add an item to the Dashboard tab in the Favorites list from a tree, List block, Folder block, Tree block, or Content Search result. To add an item to your Favorites list from any of these areas, right-click the item and select Add to Favorites.

If you want to remove an item in your Favorites list, right-click the item and select Remove Favorite. You can remove all items by clicking Remove All.

If you want to copy an item to the Mobile Favorites tab from the Favorites tab of the Favorites list, right-click the item and select Add to Mobile Favorites. You can refresh the list of items by clicking Refresh. To close the Favorites dialog box, click Close.