What Is a Library Only Group View?

Library Only User views are based on Group Views. Managed Reporting users permitted to access View Builder and also a member of the group can create a group view in the View Builder for a Managed Reporting Group. This group view is available for any members of the group that are not Library Only Users. When the group view is created, it is linked to another group view configured specifically for the Library Only User.

The Library Only Group View inherits the page appearance, banner location, banner links, and toolbars from the original group view. If there is no banner in the original group view, it is not shown in the Library Only Group View. Banner links are further reduced if the original group view includes links not accessible to the Library Only User. The Sign Off, Close, Library, Views, and Help banner links are shown by default, and the developer of the view is able to remove any or all of these links. Additional toolbars can optionally be added to the Library Only View.

The Content window automatically includes the Library Page. The Managed Reporting user permitted to access View Builder can add and update content pages with direct links to list blocks, Output blocks, and Report Library content in a launch block. The Library Page can be removed by the developer of the view.