What Is a Group View?

A group view is a view based on WebFOCUS Managed Reporting repository groups. When a user selects the Dashboard Group Views hyperlink from the Dashboards menu, they will be able to see all of the available views for the groups to which they belong. Users must be members of the Managed Reporting group associated with the corresponding Dashboard group view to be able to access that group view.

You can create a unique appearance and content for each group view. When you update a view, the view will be updated for all members of the group, even members accessing Dashboard with personal views.

Users cannot make any changes to group views. When users access Dashboard, they can personalize their view to add personal pages in addition to the group pages.

Users can access the group views that are accessible to them by accessing Dashboard and clicking the Views link. Alternatively, you can provide users with one URL that directs them to a specific group.

Note: Users who access any group view will only be able to view information. They will not be able to change information or the look of the Dashboard.