What Is a Public View?

A public view allows public users to view information in Dashboard without having to enter logon information. A default public view is provided with Dashboard and allows you to build additional custom public views containing specific reports and information for a particular group of users. For example, you can create a Human Resources public view that will contain information that is pertinent to someone who works in that group and an Accounting public view that will only contain information for that group.

Dashboard uses the Managed Reporting User ID, public, to gain access to Managed Reporting content for public views. Content for public views is maintained by the Administrator in Managed Reporting User Management. The content for public views comes from the public user membership in a group or by the assignment of a domain to the public user. This content is available to the Dashboard Administrator when creating a public view.

Each public view is customizable and contains different content blocks. You can create a unique customization for each public view.

You can provide users with one URL that directs them to the public view intended for their group.

Note: Users who access any public view (general or custom) will only be able to view information. They will not be able to change information or the look of the Dashboard.