Introduction to WebFOCUS 8

WebFOCUS 8 from Information Builders is the most comprehensive business intelligence (BI) platform in the industry. Our latest release helps organizations deliver information and analytics to the widest range of users.

With WebFOCUS 8, Information Builders expands its position as the leader in providing BI solutions for large-scale, customer-facing, and third-party partner initiatives. WebFOCUS 8 delivers many new rich capabilities, and integrates the four critical elements for smarter decision-making: business intelligence, performance management, advanced analytics, and data integrity.

Comprising upwards of 1,000 new features and product enhancements, WebFOCUS 8 was heavily influenced by Information Builders customer-centric philosophy. WebFOCUS 8 offers the most proven ROI and the lowest cost of ownership. It is the most complete, usable, and integrated BI platform, promoting: