What Are the Web-Based Tools?

The web-based tools are a set of applications and utilities available through the BI Portal that enable you to perform many development and deployment tasks.

For example, you can create ad hoc reports, charts, documents, and dashboards, and customize the output using InfoAssist. Using Alert Assist, a Managed Reporting developer can distribute a report that an end user created, or a portion of that report, when certain conditions are met.

The InfoDiscovery Workbench provides a web-based environment for analysts to quickly author interactive visualizations. Those visualizations can also be stored and shared with other analysts, who can enhance them further in the InfoDiscovery Workbench, or deploy directly to business users.

The Reporting Object tool enables developers to transform complex views of data into simple reporting objects labeled with common business terminology familiar to end users. End users can then use these Reporting Objects as templates to create their own reports and charts.

The URL tool enables you to create a link to a website. You can give the URL a display title and a summary that appears as a ToolTip when the mouse hovers over the URL in the Resource Tree.

WebFOCUS Visual Discovery AE is an integrated extension of WebFOCUS Enterprise Reporting that enables you to create advanced data visualization for executive-level dashboards. Data visualization turns raw data into perceptive images, providing a powerful and dynamic instrument for the discovery and reasoning of quantitative information.

The Text Editor tool enables you to create, view, and edit the source code for procedures, procedure components, Master Files and Access Files, and other types of files required by your applications.

Using the ReportCaster Basic Scheduling tool or the Advanced Scheduling tool, you can create a ReportCaster schedule. A ReportCaster schedule allows you to specify when to run a report, the format in which to create the output, and the method of distribution.

The Deferred Report Status Interface enables you to obtain information about deferred reports, and to perform a variety of actions upon the report.

For a more complete description of each tool, please see the relevant section.