The Responsive Design Framework Add-on (RDF Add-on) for WebFOCUS App Studio provides responsive templates that make it easy for you to create responsive content that automatically adapts for display on different window sizes and devices.

You are not required to know JavaScript or CSS in order to use the RDF Add-on. However, if you are familiar with JavaScript or CSS, you can leverage the RDF Add-on using the grid CSS file and a theme CSS file to further control the responsiveness and the look and feel of content that you create using the add-on.

The RDF Add-on is designed to work with WebFOCUS App Studio Release 8.1 Version 05 and higher. The RDF Add-on will also be compatible with future versions of App Studio. However, files created with the RDF Add-on cannot be converted to make use of other responsive design features in App Studio Release 8.2 and higher.


Below are some of the responsive design features that are available in the RDF Add-on: