Getting Started With the Responsive Design Framework Add-on for WebFOCUS App Studio


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This documentation outlines the installation and use of the Responsive Design Framework (RDF) Add-on for WebFOCUS App Studio. It includes basic instructions, as well as procedures to help familiarize the user with the product and its capabilities.

How This Manual Is Organized

This manual includes the following chapters:




Getting Started With the Responsive Design Framework

Introduces the Responsive Design Framework Add-on for WebFOCUS App Studio and provides examples to get you started.

Documentation Conventions

The following table describes the documentation conventions that are used in this manual.





this typeface

Denotes syntax that you must enter exactly as shown.

this typeface                

Represents a placeholder (or variable) in syntax for a value that you or the system must supply.


Indicates a default setting.

this typeface

Represents a placeholder (or variable), a cross-reference, or an important term. It may also indicate a button, menu item, or dialog box option that you can click or select.

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